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Our Philosophy

Combining artistic and therapeutic techniques for optimal healing


The first understanding of the world came from the sounds we heard while inside our mother’s womb.


Sound plays one of the most vital roles in our human experience, acting as both:

  • A signal of a changing environment around us
  • And as our communication with the world.

We are auditory beings, and from this fundamental truth we create our own method of relaxation, combining our artistic esthetic and holistic techniques to help reach your deepest peace.

The music of Laurent Stopnicki, joined with the voice of Carole Serrat, helps to create a spiritual and physical healing. The mystical- and even hypnotic-

state the music transports you to restores you on all levels. The music’s vibration reaches the deepest part of our heart, healing our soul, and sending signals to our cells to regenerate them – and all of happens without much effort. The result is a deep healing experience for people of all ages, backgrounds and health conditions.

Carole Serrat

is the leading women’s wellness expert in France. As an accomplished author, journalist, meditation teacher and television host, she almost single-handedly introduced “sophrology,” a meditative technique, to the French people. She is the author of 8 books, with 3 notable best- sellers: The Medit – Action (Publisher: Robert Laffont), Mon Cours de Relaxation

[My Relaxation Course] (Publisher: Hachette), and La Sophrologie c’est Malin [My Smart Sophrology] (Publisher: Ed Leduc).

Serrat works with hundreds of clients using holistic techniques to cure physical ailments, fear, and anxiety. She uses voice and breath-work to help heal her clients with a style that has inspired the well-being industry in many cities globally. Serrat consults and gives workshops for expectant mothers in the maternity center of ‘La Muette Hospital,’ formerly the ‘American

Hospital of Paris’ and ‘Des Lilas Maternity Center.’ She also runs corporate trainings to help prevent worker burn-out, manage stress and anxiety, and inspire creativity in the workplace.

Her successful work in well-being has landed her a regular column in the best selling health magazine, ‘Top Sante,’ which sells over 500,000 copies in France alone. An expert in media, she has been a television host on ‘TF1,’ the most viewed television channel in Europe and is a regular journalist and announcer for the only wellness-centered cable channel, MCS- Bien-être. Her popular instructional videos on “Zen Exercise” and stress management are viewer favorites.

Laurent Stopnicki

is an accomplished author and screenwriter, and is a gifted music composer and pioneer in sound experimentation. He has spent many years researching how sound and music impacts emotions and stress. After extensive

experience researching the relationship between music and psyche, Stopnicki was hired to author tales and nursery rhymes for pre-school children to help initiate in them an interest in meditation, well-being, and using a thought process of non-violence. He has also written famous short fictions and his screen writing has been made into a prime time series. Stopnicki is also the creator and writer of an animation series about gestating emotions in children, produced by production company Futurikon.

His best selling relaxation album, The Awakening, published by SONY has received over 500,000 views on YouTube. In collaboration with Carole, they have released a baby box set (set of 3 CD’s) for pregnant women under Wagram music.

We specialize in

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