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Carole Serrat and Laurent Stopnicki create innovative well- being programs and have done research for many years in the area of sound and voice impact on emotion and stress.

The sound matrix created by composer Laurent Stopnicki connects you to the energy of the universe allowing listeners to find immediate relief. The audio experience is absolutely unique in leaving listeners with a deep sense of security, stability, and relief from their stress and anxiety.

We specialize in

Sound and voice impact on emotion and stress

Our audio programs have been licensed by the American College Board for stress reduction.

Personalized and Holistic Detox Programs

  • Group and individual workshops
  • Online courses

Well-being Baby

  • Spiritual coaching for expectant mothers
  • A method to release the fear of the child birth

Cool Out Experience

  • Concert for deep relaxation
  • live music
  • Guided Meditation

Corporate Services

  • Corporate presence in “well-being.”
  • Wellness content for brands
  • Emotional connection and brand loyalty

Carole Serrat - Laurent Stopnicki

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