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Well Being Baby

Well being Baby

Spiritual Coaching for Expectant mothers

A child’s future begins before birth

A healthy pregnancy is the top concern for a new mother; she knows that her child’s future begins today.

Everything a fetus experiences in utero can have a lasting effect on the child’s life; from touch to sound, a growing baby has
heightened sensitivities to everything the mother does while she is carrying her child.

Birth is life, and has allowed for every living being. This universal energy around giving birth can be accessed by expectant mothers to give them strength, guidance, and confidence.

With over 15 years experience working in maternity, Carole have created “Well-Being Baby,” a wellness program for expectant mothers, adaptable to your specific pregnancy needs.

Whether you are having difficulty getting pregnant, are in a high-risk pregnancy, or are suffering from post-partum depression, a “Well- Being Baby” program can be customized for you, guiding you to achieve your pregnancy goals, maintain a peaceful mind, and will prepare for the arrival of new life.

Month to month, your program will be tailored to your changing needs. My method uses breath work, muscle relaxation, visualization, guided practices and meditation to balance your energy, relieving fatigue leaving you in the peace and serenity you– and your child deserve.

My method helps expectant mothers to release their fear of child birth, learn what they can do to have a healthy and holistic pregnancy, and birth a peaceful child into the world.

My sessions are easy and effortless, and are always accompanied by ethereal music composed by Laurent Stopnicki, a distinguished musical engineer and sound innovator. For over two decades, Stopnicki has conducted research on the positive impact of sound and vibration on our health and body; a benefit that can be seen even on the cellular level.

Well being baby program will prepare you mentally and emotionally for the day of delivery, creating confidence for a healthy birth.

You will learn how to relax your muscles, relieve your pain and calm your nervous system; the fetus deeply benefits from this care and relaxation and those who are born with this preparation always grow to be happy and serene children. The future father can be also present and follow the session; it helps to unify the couple and build a happy family.

If you have any questions or would like to develop your “Well-Being Baby” program, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You, your child and your family deserve a happy, healthy birth.


Well being Baby

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Well being Baby

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