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Cool Out Experience


Cool Out Experience

A new way of getting deep relaxation and revitalization

by using inspired live music and guided meditation.

The “Cool Out Experience” is a mass meditation concert that provides deep spiritual and physical healing; with a live audience of up to 3000 practitioners,

this is a performance that was a totally unique concept developed by Carole Serrat and Laurent Stopnicki.

The audience find themselves immersed in zen energy—a true cooling down from the chaotic world around us.

Guided by voice and music,

the group is able to enter into a deep state of self awareness and self consciousness that uses personal energy and magnifies the group energy to re-center us. Incredibly successful in its first run, the “Cool Out Experience” was also

The Cool Out Experience

Was also transformed into a CD

that allows participants to bring this spiritual experience home with them.

Whether you are sitting in a group of a 1,000 people or lying down in your home, this performance experience takes the soul on a journey, guiding it to let go, give into the energy of the universe, and restore peace to the mind and body.

The “Cool Out Experience” is available for English-speaking and French-speaking audiences.

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Cool Out Experience

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Cool Out experience

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