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to build a corporate presence in well being

Brand Content

Major brands including LG, Danone, Lavazza, Colgate

Are some of our most recent collaboration programs in progress now.

Our expertise and creativity in the health and well-being industry, developed over a period of 20+ years, can help your company build a corporate presence in well-being. Through the use of our marketing campaigns and in house wellness awareness programs



we excel in bringing

well-being values to your company that


  •  Is an inspiration for creativity
  •  Helps to restore balance and flow in your workplace
  •  Will continue to sustain development among your employees


we use our

Expertise and creativity to



  • Create content for brands looking to revamp their image.brand content
  • Help companies reposition themselves in the market by conveying to their customers new or expanded values of well-being, balance and sustainable action.


Our consultations on ethical positioning can help you establish a privileged and thoughtful link with your customers, creating a deeper emotional connection and brand loyalty. In our approach, we commit to helping companies create the perfect content to help customers associate new wellness values with your brand, as well as ethically positioning the brand within your industry, giving you a clear advantage over competition.


Our expert

Services include, but are not limited to


  • Company Analysis/ Wellness SurveyingCarole Serrat LG
  • Private and group consultations
  • Ethical Strategy/ Ethical Positioning
  • In-house workshops and training (for management and employees)
    • Workplace-stress management
    • Workplace-flow management
    • Maximizing intuition/ creative energy in your team

Creative Services & “Wellness” Content

brand content carole

  • Commercial and media content (TV, radio, web)
  • Editorial content (print media, web)
  • Promotional videos and copywriting
  • Screen writing
  • Books/e-books writing/ direction
  • Newsletters or internal communication
  • Special events (design/management/hosting)
  • Concerts
  • Therapeutic music/scores for documentaries/movies/in-office
    *(Our music has been featured on major EU networks TF1, ARTE, LA5)
  • Sound design and sensory therapy

We work very closely to ensure our customers’ needs are realized from our services. We take great concern in producing only the highest quality content from our exceptional professional team.



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