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Combining artistic and therapeutic techniques for optimal healing

Deep healing experience for people of all ages, backgrounds and health conditions

We are auditory beings

from this fundamental truth we create our own method of relaxation, combining our artistic esthetic and holistic techniques to help reach your deepest peace.


Carole Serrat - Laurent Stopnicki

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Our audio programs have been licensed by the real official College board for advanced placement program

The music of Laurent Stopnicki allows listeners to enter into a state of deep relaxation in order to re- harmonize our energy.

Consequently, his music is also used to counteract the toxins we receive from electromagnetic waves (WiFi, G4 & G5, antennas, microwaves) that, over time and with increased exposure, have modified our original, natural frequency. These waves impact our quality of life everyday by creating conditions that could cause digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, and fatigue.


What Our Clients Say About Us

I gave birth to my beautiful boy last June- he’s now happy and healthy, 4 months old. I followed your guidance and Ewan is always smiling and very affectionate.  We still listen to your CD during bath time in the evening and we are both left deeply relaxed. Thank you again, for your excellent support during my pregnancy.  The relaxation therapy was a great relief; I was able to find my peace and my confidence, both of which I had thought I has lost. Thank you.

Annabella Expectant mother

Hello Carole, last year I bought your book and CD on relaxation therapy. It is stunning! The CD allows me to be more creative and find new ideas and calms me considerably. I have suffered from chronic insomnia and have been amazed how much your program has helped. Since listening to your CD I’ve even been able to wean myself off of sleeping medications. Thank you Carole for your guidance, and thank you Laurent for your breathtaking music.

DIVIASleeping problems

Reassurance and serenity: two things which I did not have, and had not for some time, until working with you. You gave me the pleasure of rediscovering both. I thank you for it.

Elvire Sleeping problems

Thank you Carole for your help preparing for my delivery. The relaxation therapy allowed me to live this moment calmly and confidently, with great trust in your method. From just the first session you taught me to identify contractions and the visualization with the waves became an invaluable relaxation tool for me. Your preparation also helped me after my delivery by continuing the relaxation practices in my everyday life. I recommend Carole’s holistic program to all pregnant women who want to have a peaceful delivery! Thank you again, Carole.

Nina S. de NeuillyExpectant mother

I am anxious to thank you for your work which allowed me to live fully, respectfully my two pregnancies. For the first one in 2012, I had just discovered the relaxation therapy and the yoga. Thanks to the exercises, I felt like I was on a small cloud, well in my body and my spirit until the childbirth. In brief, these complicated moments were the most beautiful of my life, thanks to your method. I thank you!

Emilie Querol Expectant mother

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful preparation for my delivery. I was completely present for the arrival of my daughter. I was ready to welcome her into a peaceful life.

SophieExpectant mother

I prepared two childbirths with Carole (2013 and 2016). The relaxation therapy helped me enormously to release my worries during labor, but also helped me reestablish my sleep schedule and improved the quality of my sleep after giving birth. I was always excited to go to Carole’s sessions; it created in me a real happiness and moments of serenity. Thank you again, Carole, for the beautiful sessions.

EliseExpectant mother

I met Carole in 2009 during my second pregnancy. I had several sessions of relaxation therapy with her, and thanks to her guidance I felt deeply prepared for my delivery—which went very smoothly! The birth of my second daughter was a beautiful moment; listening to your CD during the delivery deeply relaxed me, and I could calmly enjoy every second of this special time. My delivery with my first child was very difficult. With my second child I was so relaxed I was even able to hold my child as she was born. It was incredible! I am expecting again this May, and will definitely seek your guidance again.

EleonoreExpectant mother
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Serenity is your natural right, and you deserve it. We can employ our stress reducing resources, including: breath- work, concentration, creative imagination, confidence and mindfulness using the five senses.

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